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Photographers and Designers
Can anyone sell their photos on your website?
Not all photos can be sold on our site. Before the photos are placed, we look carefully at the photos and their quality. Of course, these photos must be unique and a good addition to our collection.
I would like to sell my pictures on your website, is this possible?
We like to expand our collection with unique photos / illustrations by photographers and designers. For more information, please contact us: [email protected]
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Complaints procedure
I have a complaint. How can I file this complaint?
If you have a complaint about your order about our services or about our website, you can send us an e-mail. Always include the order number, the date on which you placed the order, your name, and address, and your telephone number. We will work with you to find a solution. Of course, you can also contact us by phone at +31 (0) 85 130 82 85.If you want to cancel your order after receipt, you can...
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Does an outlet wallpaper come with an extra 5cm margin?
If extra margin is added to the wallpaper, this is visible in the product information at the bottom of the picture. If this is not the case, we cannot deliver it with an extra margin. Our outlet wallpaper is already printed. For this reason we can not deliver an extra margin.
Do you sell wallpaper at a discount?
When we have a discount we will send you a newsletter so you can see what discounts we have at that time.
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Is the wallpaper environmentally friendly?
Yes, we only print on PVC-free non-woven wallpaper. This non-woven wallpaper does not contain any ingredients that are harmful to the environment. Our non-woven wallpaper is FSC-certified. The fleece wallpaper complies with the European standard (B1) for fire safety and the new standard for VOC emissions. Furthermore, we print with water-based ink, which is odourless and not harmful to health. Our...
What kind of ink is used and is it environmentally friendly?
We print the photo wallpaper on HP Latex printers and the inks we use are water-based. The printers have all the necessary certificates to protect the environment. Because the inks are water-based, they avoid harmful fumes and environmentally harmful concentrations in the air. The HP Latex inks are subject to UL ECOLOGO® certification. The UL 2801 demonstrates that an ink meets a set of criteria...
Is the wallpaper also suitable for schools or care institutions?
The GREENGUARD certification is a standard designed to classify low-emission materials. Our inks are suitable for environments where people, especially children and sensitive adults, spend long periods of time in homes, care facilities, schools and child care facilities.
What does FSC stand for?
FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council) means that our fleece wallpapers are produced in a sustainable way and comply with sustainable forestry management.
What does VOC stand for?
VOC (volatile organic compounds) is the collective name for substances present in our environment that evaporate easily. These substances have always been there, but recently there has been a standard for them within the framework of environmentally friendly building.
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Do you print and produce all the wallpaper yourself?
We print and process (cut) all the photo wallpaper ourselves. We produce on high quality machines. Here you can find more information about the production.
On what kind of printers is the photo wallpaper printed?
We print the photo wallpaper on HP Latex printers. These printers are provided with all environment-friendly certificates. The inks are water-based and avoid harmful fumes and environmentally unfriendly concentrations in the air.
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I have chosen to pay with Klarna, but I can see that the order will be printed after the payment is complete. Is this correct?
You will receive an automatic confirmation in which this is indeed visible. However, in the following sentence it is stated that your order will be processed by Klarna. You will receive the invoice with a payment link once the wallpaper is shipped.
I have placed an order but didn't pay, how can I still make the payment?
Your unpaid order will be cancelled. You can enter and pay for your order again.
Can I also order the wallpaper on account?
Companies have the option to pay on account. For this, a valid Chamber of Commerce and VAT number must be filled in during ordering. We will check this information and the order will go through. If the information is not correct, you will be contacted by email.Please note that this may affect the delivery time of the wallpaper.
What payment methods do you have?
You can choose from several payment methods with us:    Klarna - Pay within 14 days Klarna offers customers a flexible retrospective payment service. Online consumers first receive the product and complete the payments within 14 days.    iDEAL   Payments are facilitated from the consumer's personal bank account and paid directly.    Paypal PayPal ...
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How can I write a review?
This is arranged by Trustedshops. 5 days after your order, you will receive an e-mail with a link. If you click on this link, you will be directed to our review page where you can share your own experiences.
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Do you have a place where I can find high-resolution photos?
The photos and images on our website are suitable for printing onto wallpaper. If you can't find a picture that you like, you can take a look at Most photos on this website are of good quality. The resolution should be at least 3000 pixels. If you have found a nice picture, please mail us the file number and we will purchase the license for this picture and print it for you on wallpaper...
I've seen a wallpaper, but I want it in a different color, is this possible?
Yes, this is possible, but only for patterned photo wallpapers. We can change the colour of these wallpapers to suit your requirements. If you want this, please send us an e-mail: [email protected]
Are there possibilities to print wallpaper from a negative?
We always need to receive the photos digitally. You can use a negative for wallpaper, but you must first transfer it to a digital file.
Can I see the photo wallpaper before I buy it?
We only print the photo wallpaper after an order has been placed and paid for. All the wallpaper we produce is customer-specific and custom made. There is a possibility to order a sample of our material. If you would like to receive a sample, please send us an email: [email protected]
Wallpaper with a sloping roof, is that possible?
We cannot cut and supply wallpaper at an angle. For angled walls, you have to order the complete size (width/height) and cut away the rest of the wallpaper yourself.
Can I have the wallpaper in the outlet made to measure?
The sizes of the wallpaper in the outlet are one size. Unfortunately, we can't make these to measure. You can find the dimensions of the wallpaper on the page of the wallpaper of your choice.
I'm getting a message that my wallpaper shouldn't be printed. Why is this?
It may be that your wallpaper shows images that we do not print. For example, we do not produce wallpaper with racist, discriminatory, offensive or pornographic images.
What is Adobe Stock?
  Adobe Stock is a service that gives designers and businesses access to millions of high-quality, royalty-free photos, videos, illustrations and vector graphics. These files are available for download under a licence. Many of the photos on our website were purchased by us from Adobe Stock.
Can I use wallpaper in the bathroom?
You can also use our wallpaper in a bathroom. You will have to finish your wallpaper with a wall coating (wall finish). With this coating, the wallpaper is water-repellent. Here you can find our wall coating:
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Is there a guarantee on my product(s)?
For all items you buy from us, the legal warranty applies. The legal guarantee means that a product is or must be what the consumer can reasonably expect from it. This applies to both the wallpaper and accessories.All the wallpaper is made to measure, both the photo wallpaper with own photo and the standard images. It is not possible to return wallpaper with your own photo. We cannot sell this...
When does my warranty expire?
After you have received a product, you have 14 days to return a product. You must handle the wallpaper with care and return it in its original packaging if this is reasonably possible. If you have put glue on the wallpaper or if you have cut the wallpaper, your guarantee on the wallpaper will become invalid and we will not be able to take it back. We can no longer sell the wallpaper. So always check...
The wallpaper I received is damaged or it's not okay.
We strive for excellent quality. Our wallpapers are printed on high-quality, sturdy PVC-free non-woven wallpaper. We print with non-scented water-based inks. Should there be any problems with the wallpaper, we will provide a suitable solution. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. It is possible that something happened to your product during the production process or during transport...
I received my wallpaper but unfortunately this doesn't look like the picture. What can I do with this?
We're sorry to hear you're not satisfied with the wallpaper. Please send an e-mail with a picture to [email protected] We would be happy to help you and find a suitable solution.
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