With the right wallpaper accessories, the wallpaper job is done in no time. As with any situation, you work neatly and quickly when you use the right tools. We sell a wide range of wallpaper supplies that allow you to quickly and easily apply non-woven wallpaper. Use a wallpaper brush to apply wallpaper glue to the wall. The wide surface of the brush ensures that the glue is evenly spread. Then press the wallpaper against the wall. With a pressure roller, you divide the pressure optimally so that the application is smooth. With a seam roller, you can roll away small differences in the seam between two wallpaper strokes. The seam roller is made of soft material so there will be no damage to the wallpaper. An alternative to a seam roller is a pressure spatula. After the wallpaper has been pressed against the wall, you need to use a presser to press the air bubbles away. If there is an overlap on the ceiling or skirting board, use the presser to make a sharp angle and remove the excess wallpaper with a knife.

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For wallpaper, it is advisable to buy the right accessories so that the job is done quickly and neatly. Order cheap and high-quality wallpaper accessories here.

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