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Lavender Wallpaper

Lavender has been a welcome guest in interior for centuries. In a vase with flowers because of the lovely smell. Dried for decoration on the wall. Or in the bedroom for a soothing atmosphere. But this year, we are taking a bigger approach: we stick life-size lavender wallpaper over the entire wall. In this way you make a real statement and also participate in the latest living trends. Did you know that last year lavender was still the trend colour? We understand why!

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Lavender photo wallpaper for an oasis of tranquillity

Lavender photo wallpaper is an asset in any room. But especially in the toilet, the bedroom or, for example, the kitchen. The pastel colours create a fine atmosphere and the flower exudes tranquillity.

That is why you can use it not only privately, but also for business purposes. For example, in a massage practice, a beauty salon or a spa. Researchers from Kagoshima University in Japan have proven that lavender has a relaxing effect and can reduce feelings of anxiety. This is mainly due to the smell, but the association with lavender wallpaper is the same.

Styling a room with lavender wallpaper optimally

To complete that relaxed atmosphere, you can extend the theme throughout your interior. In addition to lavender wallpaper, place a flower pot with lavender, light a candle with the scent of lavender and dry a bouquet of lavender so that it lasts extra long. You would do well to let elements from the lavender wallpaper come back into the interior. In addition to real lavender, you can also do this by painting the walls next to the photo wallpaper with lavender in a light purple colour. In this way you ensure unity and the lavender wallpaper comes into its own.

Custom made lavender wallpaper

If you have made a choice for a beautiful lavender wallpaper, you can easily order it online. Once we have received your order, we will immediately start working with your wallpaper. We print your wallpaper with lavender on our large format printers. An image is printed in one piece, so that patterns run into each other perfectly.

We only use PVC-free non-woven wallpaper as wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper does not shrink, gives a razor-sharp print and is easy to apply. The inks used are water-based and odourless. Production takes place on working days within 24 hours and delivery is within 1-3 days.

Attention! We print an extra 5 cm all around because walls are not always straight. The photo wallpaper is therefore printed 10 cm wider and higher. After wallpapering you have to cut it away. Uncheck this option to have the wallpaper printed exactly to size, but please note that walls are not always 100% straight!

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