Jungle Photo Wallpaper

In the jungle live beautiful wildlife such as monkeys, elephants, giraffes and flamingos. You don't see these animals every day and that's why it's so nice to see them on your wallpaper. The jungle wallpaper is available with different animals. If you choose for a pattern jungle wallpaper you will receive a sample print from us before we start producing your wallpaper, so you can see how big the animals come back on your wall.

Tropical wild animals
Pink tropical jungle
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Jungle Photo Wallpaper


Wallpapering your wall with photo wallpaper is easy to do yourself. With our jungle photo wallpaper you have a choice of various animals from the jungle on wallpaper. These impressive jungle animals really impress when you enter the room. Do you want your living room or bedroom also with a unique jungle wallpaper with an animal then there is plenty of choice in our collection.

Do you have a cool idea or do you see a jungle animal wallpaper elsewhere that you would like? Let us know and our team will look for a suitable picture on your wallpaper and of course you will receive the best price. This service is without obligation!


If you have made a choice for a beautiful jungle wallpaper with an animal, you can easily order it online. When we have received your order, we will immediately get started with your wallpaper. We print your jungle animals on our large format printers. An image is printed in one piece, so patterns blend perfectly into each other.

As wallpaper we only use PVC-free non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper does not shrink, gives a razor-sharp print and is easy to apply. The inks used are water-based and odourless. Production takes place on workdays within 24 hours and delivery is within 1-3 days.

Attention! All around we print 5 cm extra because walls are not always straight. The photo wallpaper is therefore 10 cm wider and higher printed. After wallpapering you have to cut it away. Uncheck this option to have the wallpaper printed exactly to size, but note that walls are not always 100% straight!


If you're satisfied with your result, we'd love to hear from you. Will you send us a picture of the result? Or share it with us on social media?


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