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Is your child a real André Kuipers in the making? And can't he get enough of stars, planets and astronauts? Then space wallpaper is exactly what you are looking for for a nursery. Discover the possibilities with wall murals at and give the bedroom a successful makeover. From cheerful prints to lifelike photo wallpaper of the room. With our space wallpaper you can go in all directions. That way you will always find something for everyone.

Galaxy in space
Magic galaxy
Sunrise in space
Set Ascending Direction

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Space wallpaper | Wall murals & more |

Space wallpaper with cheerful prints

Space wallpaper comes in all shapes and sizes. How about cheerful prints, such as those of Bumba in space, a space landscape with stars and planets, or animals on space exploration? In our range you will also find a space wallpaper with colorful space men and patterns wallpaper with cuddly clouds, planets, moons and stars. Even dinos and penguins fly through space if it's up to us with space wallpaper. Each space wallpaper has different colors. We have combinations of blue and yellow, purple and pink, black and white. And everything together. 

Realistic space photo wallpaper

Also cool: realistic photo wallpaper of space. For example, imagine a life-size image of the Milky Way. With beautiful galactic colors like dark blue, purple and gold and twinkling stars in the sky. Or a photo of the sunrise in space. But the photo of the Earth from a space station is also available as photo wallpaper. Like a magical galaxy and a picture of an orange planet. With photo wallpaper of space, your son or daughter will feel like an astronaut every day. 

Styling space wallpaper 

Space wallpaper only really comes into its own if you apply good styling. Especially when you use the wallpaper in the nursery, it is nice to extend the theme all the way through. With a duvet cover from space, glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and cute cuddly toys of moons, planets and stars. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to choose a color from the room wallpaper and have this reflected in several places. For example, paint a plain wall in the same color, hang curtains in the same color, or lay down a rug in the same color. In this way you can easily turn your photo wallpaper of the room into one whole.