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Wallpaper with jungle patterns

Bring nature into your home. Wallpaper your wall or an entire room with one of the many jungle or jungle patterns on photo wallpaper. And imagine yourself in the jungle every day. From a wallpaper with tropical flowers, to a design with jungle animals. Wallgroup.com has it all. Choose one of the patterns from our collection, upload your own photo or let us help you find the right pattern.

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Palm leaves and monstera
Pattern with palm trees
Palm trees pattern
Panthers and parrots
Green palm leaves
Colourful animals pattern
Wild exotic animals
Various green leaves
Cobras and tigers
Jaguars between the orchids
Leopard between the leaves
Cheetah between the trees
Different leaves
Cranes and tigers
Tropical coloured birds
Yellow and pink orchids
Green leaves illustration
Blue tropical leaves
Tropical leaf pattern
Tropical wild animals
Tropical leaves with monkeys
Tropical Hibiscus
Palm tree pattern
Tropical palm and banana leaves
Tropical toucan and parrot
Tropical Toucan
Tropical pink flamingo
Exotic jungle plants
Tropical orchids
Tropical bouquet
Tropical plants, flowers and birds
Leopard pattern on a black background
Cheetah between the tropical leaves
Koalas on bamboo
Zebras between the palm leaves
Tropical leaves
Painted palm leaves
Cacti with flowers
Pink flamingo with blue palm leaf pattern
Animals between palm trees taupe
Designer Collection
Animals between palm trees
Designer Collection
Palm trees and panthers
Designer Collection
Panther pattern
Designer Collection
Prowling panther
Designer Collection
Panthers in the jungle
Designer Collection
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46 Items

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Jungle patterns on wallpaper are hot!

Discover the jungle with unique jungle patterns. Look for exotic animals on your wallpaper or choose an atmospheric pattern with jungle leaves. We offer fleece wallpaper with a choice of different patterns within the jungle theme. The patterns can be printed on the wallpaper in different sizes. Do you have a special jungle pattern that you would like to have on your wallpaper? Let us know and our design team will get to work for you.

The jungle has several elements that form a beautiful wallpaper pattern. These patterns with leaves and animals are particularly suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. The jungle wallpaper patterns are totally the trend at the moment. The leaves on the wallpaper give a stylish modern atmosphere. The fresh green color brightens up any interior! Or choose a pattern with animals such as monkeys, leopards or tigers. These illustrated patterns with jungle theme are of course also nice as wallpaper for children's rooms. You can use the jungle theme exuberantly or subtly in the rest of your interior. 

Jungle patterns wallpaper made to measure

If you have made a choice for a beautiful jungle pattern wallpaper, you can easily order it online. Click on the image, specify the size of your wall and select with your finger or mouse which part of the image you want to have printed. You can have an image mirrored or made in black and white.

As wallpaper we only use PVC-free non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper does not shrink, gives a razor-sharp print and is easy to apply. The inks used are water-based and odourless. Production takes place on working days within 24 hours and delivery is within 1-3 days.

Attention! All around we print 5 cm extra because walls are not always straight. The photo wallpaper is therefore printed 10 cm wider and higher. After wallpapering you have to cut it away. Uncheck this option to have the wallpaper printed exactly to size, but please note that walls are not always 100% straight!

Wallpaper accessories

Don't forget to order the right tools. Then when you receive your order, you can immediately start applying the wallpaper.


If you are satisfied with your result, we would like to hear from you. Will you send us a picture of the result? Or share it with us on social media?