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Herringbone Wallpaper

Do you find tiles too much work and laminate too expensive? In that case, herringbone non-woven wallpaper offers the perfect alternative. With herringbone wallpaper you simply apply a beautiful pattern on the wall. Herringbone wallpaper looks beautiful in, for example, a toilet, kitchen or utility room. But it can also fit very well in the living room and bedroom or on the long wall in the hall. 

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Herringbone wallpaper: black to color

We all know a herringbone floor and the tiles in the bathroom are also gaining in popularity. But now herringbone wallpaper is also presenting itself to the world of interior design. And herringbone wallpaper comes in all shapes and sizes. Consider, for example, a herringbone wallpaper in black with golden lines. Herringbone wallpaper with a wood motif and a nod to the laminate. Or herringbone wallpaper in fresh colors like mint green which looks great in, for example, a children's room.

Herringbone wallpaper for every design style

It does not matter whether you apply herringbone wallpaper in a modern interior, an industrial space or a botanical design style. For every style there is a suitable herringbone wallpaper. Thanks to the diversity in designs and extensive choice of colors. And more specifically because herringbone wallpaper offers a relatively quiet base, which means you can still go in all directions with it when it comes to styling.

Herringbone wallpaper styling

Have you placed herringbone wallpaper on the wall? In that case the styling can begin. Make it exciting by combining different patterns. Or keep it quiet with an even cast floor, concrete floor or neutral floor covering. Also always a good idea: choose a color from the herringbone wallpaper and let it come back in your interior. For example, by placing the same color decorative cushions on the sofa, choosing chairs in the same color or a beautiful vase for flowers. This is how you bring unity and peace to a room.

More than just herringbone wallpaper

Do you like herringbone wallpaper? In that case, industrial wallpaper, pattern wallpaper and 3d wallpaper might also be something for you. Or how about honeycomb wallpaper, for example? This wallpaper with hexagons has an almost identical effect. Discover it all and more on Wallart.com.