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9 x wallpapers Inspiration with wood: from scaffolding wood to old wood

There is a large selection of wallpapers with wood prints. Therefore we present you the ten most beautiful prints in a row for inspiration. From scaffolding wood to old wood there is something for everyone!

Blue woodBlue wood

Rough wood

This print is a good example of a robust wood look. The clearly visible relief and the dark colours make this photo wallpaper look very rustic. This is perfect for a bedroom, for example, and can easily be combined with natural colours.

 Wallpaper with coarse wood print Wallpaper with coarse wood print

Vintage blue scrap wood

In der Welt der Innenarchitektur ist in letzter Zeit Altholz sehr populär geworden. Mit diesem Druck holen Sie sich mühelos Brennholz nach Hause. Durch die hellblaue Farbschicht die zerbröckelt, wirkt dieser Druck vintage und authentisch. Ideal für einen leichten, aber ebenso robusten Innenraum.

Wallpaper with vintage woodWallpaper with vintage wood

Modern wood

Normally a wood print creates a natural, rustic look. However, this example may not always be the case. On this print we see narrow, dark boards. At first sight it doesn't look like wood at all, but it gives your wall a little more depth.

photo wallpaper black woodphoto wallpaper black wood


So far we have seen many prints with wooden boards but of course wood does not always come from shelves. Therefore we see a big pile of firewood on this wallpaper. As long as you have a good heating system you don't need firewood, but with this wallpaper you can enjoy both winter and summer.

Photo wallpaper with firewoodPhoto wallpaper with firewood

Cheerful coloured wood

With this print you have a real eye-catcher. The light colours stand out and create a particularly colourful collection of old wood. Because of the many colours this wallpaper does not fit in every room. However, this print can be shown to advantage in a children's room, for example.

Wallpaper with coloured woodWallpaper with coloured wood


This print also has light colours, but still looks much calmer. The yellow sunflowers form a nice contrast to the relatively neutral background, which consists of wooden planks. Do you want to highlight the light colours? Then decorate your room with yellow and green accents.

Photo wallpaper with sunflowersPhoto wallpaper with sunflowers

Horizontal boards

On this wallpaper we see different kinds of light-coloured wooden boards. This neutral colour can be combined with almost any interior and gives every room a natural look. The horizontal position of the shelves gives the wallpaper the illusion that the wall is wider than it really is. This wallpaper is therefore perfect to make a room look larger.

Wallpaper with small bright boardsWallpaper with small bright boards

3D wooden boards

Our last example can also make a room appear larger than it is, but now in height. Thanks to the horizontal planks, this wallpaper "pushes" the ceiling upwards, so to speak. In addition, shadows are optimally used in this print to create a 3D effect.

3D wallpaper wood3D wallpaper wood

Order customized wallpapers

As you can see, there are many possibilities when it comes to photo wallpapers with wood printing. You can create a playful, cool, light and vintage atmosphere. You can make your room look even higher or wider by choosing the right background image.

In our webshop you will find a large selection of photo wallpapers with wood prints. Besides wood prints we have many other print types from concrete wallpaper to forest wallpaper. There is something for everyone. All our prints can be ordered made to measure, have a look at our webshop.