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Top quality fleece wallpaper

Easy to apply fleece wallpaper for any wall.

Do you mind wallpapering too? That’s a thing of the past with our photo wallpaper. By using sturdy fleece wallpaper, wallpapering with our photo wallpaper is an easy job. And if you prefer not to do it yourself, you can use our wallpaper service!

Quality photo wallpaper

Best Quality non-woven Photo Wallpaper

At Wallgroup.com we only use PVC-free non-woven wallpaper (also known as non-woven or quick wallpaper). Non-woven wallpaper has many advantages over traditional paper wallpaper. The biggest advantage is that it is easy to apply to a wall. You don’t need a lot of experience for this. And with our manual with tips and tricks it can hardly go wrong. Instead of smearing the wallpaper with wallpaper glue, the wall is rubbed on. So you don’t have to buy a wallpaper table and the floors remain cleaner than with paper wallpaper.

Tearing of wallpaper is virtually impossible with non-woven wallpaper. The material is of top quality. It is very sturdy and has a weight of 180 grams per m2. Our non-woven wallpaper is dimensionally stable and does not shrink, a must for photo wallpaper. After all, you don’t want any cracks between the strips. The smoothing of non-woven wallpaper after application is easy and the material does not stain. In addition to making it easier to apply the wallpaper, it is also easier to remove and there is less damage to the walls.

PVC-free non-woven wallpaper

We only use PVC-free non-woven wallpaper. The great advantage of this material is that it is easy to assemble. Easily roll non-woven wallpaper glue onto the wall and stick it up. If it is not completely straight, you can easily correct the non-woven wallpaper. The non-woven wallpaper has a satin smooth finish for excellent color brilliance and scratch resistance. These properties guarantee long-term indoor use.

Environmentally friendly

The environment is an important aspect for us and for our environment. Our fleece wallpaper is therefore completely PVC-free and FSC-certified. The non-woven wallpaper complies with the European standard (B1) for fire safety and the new standard for VOC emissions. VOC is the collective name for substances present in our environment that evaporate easily. These substances have always been there, but recently there is a standard for this in the context of environmentally friendly construction.

The advantages of our fleece wallpaper

  • Fleece wallpaper doesn’t shrink;
  • Easy to apply;
  • You can apply it over small bumps;
  • It barely tears;
  • It’s easy to remove;
  • Glue on the wall instead of on the material;
  • No wallpaper table needed;
  • It doesn’t stain;
  • Removable;
  • Strong and it has a weight of 180 grams m2;
  • PVC-free and environmentally friendly;
  • Fire resistant (B1 certificate);
  • Odourless wallpaper, because we print with water-based ink;
  • No unwanted air bubbles under the wallpaper.

Our application tips

Read here how to apply your photo wallpaper perfectly on the wall.