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With MuralTex seamless photo wallpaper, the colors will splash off your wall!

With our MuralTex seamless photo wallpaper you are guaranteed to have the most beautiful photo wallpaper on your wall. Your wallpaper consists of one part and the colors of the wallpaper are so bright that the print really splashes off the wall!

MuralTex is easy to apply. You coat the wall with our wallpaper adhesives for polyester photo wallpaper and stick your photo wallpaper on the wall in one piece. You get really quick results!

What is MuralTex wallpaper?

MuralTex is a finely woven one-piece polyester fabric with a protective coating. This makes the wallpaper extremely strong and the image is printed down to the smallest details. Due to the coating, the wallpaper does not shine, but colors appear super bright on the canvas. Thanks to the special printing technique that we use for this, the colors appear even more real. Black also becomes a really deep black and color elements come out so sharply that you almost want to touch them.

Before you start wallpapering with our MuralTex photo wallpaper, you must prepare the wall for wallpaper. You do this by smearing the entire wall with glue. You can then stick the wallpaper on the wall in one piece. When you have a larger wall, we advise that 2 people apply the MuralTex photo wallpaper. The MuralTex wallpaper has a light gray back. This prevents the color of your wall from showing through the print.

Seamless wallpaper

Since MuralTex wallpaper is printed in one piece, you can wallpaper the wall seamlessly. This means that you do not receive strips, but the entire print in one go. You can also stick the print on the wall in one go. Do not cut the MuralTex into strips yourself! After you have applied the photo wallpaper you can enjoy your new wall.

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Advantages of MuralTex seamless wallpaper

  • Seamless photo wallpaper, no visible seams;
  • Vibrant, bright and intense colors;
  • Will not tear, crease or shrink;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Strong wallpaper with a weight of 310 gr/m2;
  • Finely woven 100% polyester cloth with coating;
  • PVC-free product, not harmful to the environment;
  • Water-based ink;
  • Ideal for indoor application;
  • Scratch resistant and water repellent*;
  • Easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth;
  • Reusable and easy to remove;
  • UV light resistant;
  • Fire retardant wallpaper (B1 certificate);
  • Odorless wallpaper, because we print with water-based ink;
  • Light gray back, non transparent!

* in wet areas such as a bathroom, we recommend using a WallFinish coating to protect the wallpaper against moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions about MuralTex seamless wallpaper

The most frequently asked questions and answers about applying seamless photo wallpaper.

We deliver the MuralTex wallpaper in a box. Before you start applying the wallpaper, it is wise to lay the wallpaper out on the floor and check for damage and errors. We have of course also carried this check out, but we still ask you to check the wallpaper as well.

Just like any other wallpaper, you stick the MuralTex photo wallpaper on the wall with wallpaper glue. Since this wallpaper consists of one piece, you don’t have to deal with wallpaper tables and mess. When you apply the wallpaper glue to the wall, make sure that you do not apply too thick a layer. It is best to apply MuralTex wallpaper with a strong wallpaper glue for vinyl wallpaper.

Spread the wallpaper paste on the wall with a short-haired fur roller or a block brush. When you have applied the wallpaper glue to the wall, start applying the wallpaper on one side of the wall. Then gradually roll or fold the wallpaper to the other side of the wall while in the meantime pressing the wallpaper on to the wall. As soon as the MuralTex wallpaper is on the wall, you can press the wallpaper further with a spatula. This way you iron everything out nicely and you can easily remove any glue residue.

Seamless wallpaper is a wallpaper that is heavier than non-woven wallpaper. This is the reason why you need a different kind of wallpaper glue for MuralTex. The glue is extra strong and ensures that your photo wallpaper remains tight on the wall. We offer you a choice of 2 types of wallpaper glue:

Flexxs Medium MuralTex wallpaper glue

Suitable for seamless wallpaper on applying on concrete or plaster walls.

Flexxs High MuralTex wallpaper glue

Suitable for applying seamless wallpaper on concrete, plaster doors or vinyl surfaces (over another layer of fabric).

Not sure which glue to buy? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you!

When you have applied the wallpaper to the wall, it is time to finish the last of the work with your wallpaper. You cut off the wallpaper remnants on all sides of the wallpaper with a sharp knife and a cutting ruler. It is important that the blade is really sharp! Do you have a utility knife? Then make sure you break off the blade every 5 meters.

If necessary, you can wipe the wallpaper with a slightly damp cloth. However, we do not recommend going over the wallpaper with a wet cloth. This can damage the wallpaper.

Do you want to use the MuralTex wallpaper in the bathroom or kitchen? We then recommend finishing the wallpaper with a coating (Wall Finish). This coating ensures that the wallpaper is impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and water-repellent. The coatings can be found in 2 quantities on our website: 1 liter (for 5m2), and 3 liters (for 16m2).

MuralTex wallpaper is ideal for wall covering. This type of photo wallpaper is intended for indoor use. You can use it to give your home a different atmosphere, but it is of course also suitable for the office, a business space, a hospital or a hospitality business.

The best result with MuralTex seamless wallpaper

In this video, we explain step by step how to apply seamless photo wallpaper to your wall.

Important when applying MuralTex seamless wallpaper is that you apply the photo wallpaper with 2 people. This makes the job a lot easier, so you can quickly enjoy your new wall!

Order your MuralTex in four steps

1. Choose your design; Determine which image you want on MuralTex wallpaper or upload your own design.

2. Select MuralTex; When you have found your design, it is important that you select that you want MuralTex wallpaper, by the product you have chosen.

3. Enter the dimensions; Click on “edit and buy”, enter your desired dimensions here. Then press “Add”.

4. Complete the order; Click on the shopping cart and checkout. After this step, all you have to do is wait for your order to arrive so you can give your room a makeover.


We are happy to help you to apply your MuralTex wallpaper to the wall. Read the tips below before you get started with wallpapering. Is your wallpaper on the wall? Don’t forget to share your beautiful end result with us.


To ensure stability, it is recommended to let the wallpaper acclimatize for 24 hours before applying it to the wall. This prevents the wallpaper from shrinking. If you have underfloor heating, we recommend that you place the wallpaper on a table.

The optimal temperature for applying the wallpaper is between 18 – 25 ºC and with a humidity of about 40% – 65%.

Before application, the surface of the wall must be clean and dry.

We recommend that you do not use damp cloths or paper on the wallpaper. You may cause stains on the wallpaper or the ink may fade.

Step 1: Preparation

If applicable, switch off the electrical groups of wall sockets and switches, remove the frames and cover them with wallpaper tape. Then remove the old wallpaper, if necessary. Make sure the wall is smooth by removing nails and bumps and filling holes with all-purpose filler. Allow the filler to dry thoroughly and polish it until it is smooth. Cover the ground with, for example, newspapers, cloths or tarp. Prepare a sturdy stepladder to be able to press the wallpaper properly over the entire wall.

Note! If your walls are plastered, use a primer so that the wallpaper glue is not sucked directly into the wall and the wallpaper does not stick. Spread the primer well and let it dry overnight.

Step 2: Roll out and apply

Unroll the wallpaper and check for any damage.We always recommend being 2 people when applying the MuralTex wallpaper. Make sure to fold or roll the wallpaper sideways so you can start on the left or right side. Glue the first two meters of the wall well. Did you opt for a 5 cm margin? Then make sure you include the overlap in the edge. If you did not order the margin, you can stick it tightly against the wall.

Coat the wall in its entirety with adhesive. You do this with a roller or block brush. Then start applying the wallpaper in the top left or top right corner. The easiest is for the other person to hold the wallpaper up on the other side, so you can apply the wallpaper from left to right (or vice versa) the fastest.

Using the spatula, you then press the wallpaper smooth from top to bottom. Once the beginning is completely smooth, slowly work your way to the other side. Did it become a bit crooked? No problem! As long as the glue is still wet, you can easily slide or remove the wallpaper to correct it.

When you have glued the first meters straight, you can incorporate the next part and apply it until you have wallpapered the entire wall. Then smoothen the entire wallpaper well with the spatula. You can remove any air bubbles by slowly loosening the wallpaper and smoothing it again, using the spatula.

Step 3: Finishing

At this point, the seams are pressed extra well with the spatula. After this, the excess wallpaper can be cut off. For this we use the spatula and a sharp (!) utility or Stanley knife. Any sockets can be cut clean. Make sure that you do not damage the electricity.


Do you need to wallpaper around a window or other obstacle? Stick the wallpaper against the window frame and cut it out slowly. Slowly continue working in this manner until the entire area has been cleared of obstacles. Keep the temperature as constant as possible for 12-24 hours after wallpapering. This gives the wallpaper enough time to dry. Ensure sharp folds at corners so that trimming or cutting off excess wallpaper is easy and gives a straight result.