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Warranty on your photo wallpaper

Your wallpaper doesn’t do the trick? We’ll work it out together.

Full of expectation you open the box with your new photo wallpaper. But unfortunately, it’s something else than you expected. What can you expect from us? We will gladly look for a solution together with you. Want to know what is possible in your case? Read our guarantee conditions below, so you know where you stand.

Check your wallpaper

Before you get started with our photo wallpaper, it is important that you follow the step-by-step plan as described in the manual. Checking your photo wallpaper is therefore very important. After receiving the wallpaper, roll it out completely and put the strips in the right order, so that you can check the wallpaper for irregularities or other errors.

In principle, you can return the photo wallpaper to us without giving a reason, if the wallpaper is still neatly packaged. You then use the legal 14 days reflection period. Returns can be made according to our return conditions.

Warranty on photo wallpaper

For all items you buy from us, the legal warranty applies. Legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what the consumer can reasonably expect from it. This applies to both the wallpaper and the accessories you buy from us.

Now you’ll say, but wallpaper is just wallpaper, what’s under the guarantee?

Our warranty covers the following:

  • The image on the photo wallpaper is the same as the image (or cut-out of the image) you ordered in our shop.
  • The colors of the photo wallpaper correspond (small color deviations in connection with screen settings may occur) with the colors you see in the web shop with the image or have chosen in case of a black-and-white print.
  • The dimensions of the photo wallpaper correspond to the dimensions you specified when you placed your order.
  • There are no cracks, irregularities or printing errors on the photo wallpaper.

If your wallpaper does not meet the above points, please contact us directly. We will ask you to return the wallpaper and we will immediately start checking the photo files. Of course, we will print and resend the photo wallpaper for you. Completely free of charge.

Please note: we expect you to assess your photo wallpaper for the correct image, colour and quality before you attach it to the wall. Once mounted, we can withhold 80% to 100% of the purchase if you want to claim your right of withdrawal after mounting. The exception is when your product is delivered non-conform.

Satisfaction guarantee ⭐

If your photo wallpaper technically meets all the conditions (correct photo, correct dimensions, no damage upon delivery) then your product meets our basic warranty conditions.

But… aren’t you satisfied because the product is not what you hoped for? Then you can take advantage of our satisfaction guarantee. Contact us and we will look for a solution together. However, it is important that you have not yet stuck the photo wallpaper on the wall.

Wallpaper with your own photo

Did you order wallpaper with your own photo? Then unfortunately it is not possible to make use of the satisfaction guarantee. This wallpaper is personalized for you and we cannot sell to other customers.

However, if you are not satisfied with the photo wallpaper with your own photo, please contact us for a reasonable solution.

Damaged photo wallpaper received

Is your photo wallpaper damaged on delivery and can you already see this at delivery, because the box is out of shape? If so, please refuse receipt of the package and contact us. We will immediately start working on your photo wallpaper again. The old order will come back to us within a few days.

Our address for returns

You can return your photo wallpaper to us in the original box. You can contact your local post service to return the parcel. Make sure the parcel is sufficiently primed. Send the parcel to:

Wallgroup B.V.
Landauer 6
3897 AB, Zeewolde
The Netherlands