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  • Eco-friendly and odorless
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A unique concept with an eye for detail

Specialist in custom photo wallpaper

“Wow, how cool!” And that’s exactly why we started developing photo wallpaper in 2018. And even now, this is still a common reaction from customers when they have our photo wallpaper on the wall. Photos that make an impact… Life-size on the wall. At Wallgroup.com we guarantee this effect and therefore we work hard to make every customer a happy customer.

About our company

At Wallgroup.com we focus on the production of the most beautiful photo wallpaper at the best price. We work with a small team, so everyone is very involved in what we do. We think it’s important that everyone develops and is aware of what’s going on in the company… And work together as a team to make every customer a fan.

What makes us unique?

We print our own photo wallpaper. On our own printers, in our own warehouse. This allows us to guarantee that each photo wallpaper is printed exactly the way you want it: razor-sharp and fully customized!

We print on the best and fastest printers on the market, working closely with the manufacturers. This keeps us at the forefront of technology. And we can quickly implement the latest technological developments in the field of printing. In addition, we think about how we can make processes smarter, so that unnecessary operations are automated. Thanks to this far-reaching automation, we have more time to help our customers personally or provide them with advice.

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Customer vs. Environment

The customer is important to us, but the environment is just as important. We want to produce in the most environmentally friendly way possible. That is why we only print on 100% PVC-free non-woven wallpaper. This PVC-free non-woven wallpaper does not contain any components that are harmful to the environment. This ensures that our wallpaper is odorless and can also be used in medical rooms and schools. In addition, we design our other business processes as environmentally friendly as possible.

During production, the prints are printed as efficiently as possible on 100-metre rolls. In this way we ensure that there is a minimum amount of residual waste after the wallpaper has been cut to size.

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Passion for quality

With us, quality comes first. And this is reflected in the hundreds of positive reactions we receive from customers every month. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll personally make sure you are. A simple message and we will contact you directly.

Do you want to know how we ensure that you as a customer are always satisfied? Then read on… or take a look at our customer photo’s!

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Guaranteed perfect down to the last detail

How do we ensure that your photo wallpaper is delivered to you perfectly sharp and made to measure? This starts before we have even received your order.

During the ordering process, a digital check is carried out on the photo you have selected. Here we check the density of the number of pixels. If we think that the result will not be optimal, we will indicate this immediately with a notification on the website. If your photo is of sufficient quality or if you still want to continue with the selected photo, you can complete your order online.

Checking your photo

After we have received your order, we will manually check the image for sharpness. And if we have any doubts about the scoop, we will contact you personally immediately. You will then receive a digital sample, so you can see for yourself in what quality your photo wallpaper is printed. After your approval, we will put the order into production. If your photo is of sufficient quality, we will immediately get to work to produce your photo wallpaper.

During production, we check the quality of every piece of photo wallpaper we produce several times. Before we start printing, another digital check is made on the file. This prevents your photo wallpaper, for example, from being in the printer while the ink is running out. Or that there is insufficient wallpaper on the roll. In that case, there may be a difference in color within your print.

After printing, we will check your photo wallpaper again on the cutting table.

Tailor made photo wallpaper

After printing, the wallpaper is placed on the cutting table. Using lasers, the dimensions of the wallpaper are re-measured. These are taken exactly as you entered them when you placed your order. The margin will be taken into account if you have ticked this box.

The wallpaper is then cut into strips. You can determine the width of the strip yourself when ordering your photo wallpaper. The track width is divided proportionally over the total surface area of the wallpaper. In this way, all strips are always the same width.

And then the packing can begin. But not before we have manually scanned every track for possible bumps, scratches or other flaws. So, we try to provide you with the perfect photo wallpaper for your room in one go.

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…and beyond that…

Fast delivery

Because we produce ourselves, we can work directly for you. We make sure you have your photo wallpaper within 3-5 working days.

More than 2,000 designs

We work together with photographers and designers, so there are new designs available for your photo wallpaper every week.

Customer satisfaction

Read our reviews on Google, Facebook or Trusted Shops. All praise, are you next to review us?