Photo Wallpaper with Flower Fields

Provide a dreamy, romantic or cozy look with wallpaper of flower fields. This type of wallpaper brings colour into your home and gives a feminine 'touch' to any room. We have wallpaper of flower fields in pastel shades such as pink, purple and red. But also, in the form of a colourful oil painting, a yellow floral pattern, or a life-size print of a flower field with irises, lavender or poppies. Because of the large selection of photo wallpaper of flower fields on you will always find something suitable for your interior.

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Photo Wallpaper with Flower Fields


The soft colours and views of the flower field wallpaper create a calm effect. You can look at it endlessly and dream away at it, without it demanding too much attention. This makes it particularly suitable for massage and beauty salons, for example. But also, for a bedroom and meditation room. Or in an office or study at home, where you want to be able to work concentrated in a comfortable environment. Furthermore, wallpaper of flower fields creates a great atmosphere in any living room, coffee bar or waiting room.


In short: with photo wallpaper of flower fields you can actually go anywhere. Do you choose for this? Then it's extra fun to the colors from the wallpaper to come back in the rest of the interior. For example, in the chairs. In the color of the sofa. Or in the lamp on the ceiling. This way you make sure you draw one line in the whole room and enhance the effect of the flower field wallpaper. You make a statement with the wallpaper of flower fields, where none


If you have made a choice for a beautiful wallpaper with flower fields, you can easily order it online. When we have received your order, we will immediately start working on your wallpaper. We will print your flower field wallpaper on our large format printers. An image is printed in one piece, so the patterns blend into each other perfectly.

As wallpaper we only use PVC-free non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper does not shrink, gives a razor-sharp print and is easy to apply. The inks used are water-based and odorless. Production takes place on working days within 24 hours and delivery is within 1-3 days.

Attention! All around we print 5 cm extra because walls are not always straight. The photo wallpaper is therefore printed 10 cm wider and higher. After wallpapering you have to cut it away. Uncheck this option to have the wallpaper printed exactly to size.


If you are satisfied with your result, we are happy to hear from you. Will you send us a picture of the result? Or share it with us on social media?