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Customized Photo Wallpaper

Wallart.com is the specialist in photo wallpaper and wall decoration. Upload your own photo or choose from more than 5,000 types of photo wallpaper. Made to measure.

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Photo wallpaper. High quality, cheap and custom-made wall murals.

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Popular photo wallpaper
Create your own wall!
Ancient brick wall
Walls up to 12 metres!
Concrete strips
Walls up to 12 metres!
Tropical wild animals
Medieval stone wall
White Forest
Designer Collection
Kikki Belle
Space landscape

Unique at Wallart.com

Custom photo wallpaper can be ordered online at Wallgroup. Unique at Wallgroup: all images are scalable, so the wallpaper always fits perfectly. Our delivery is fast; we produce within 24 hours and delivery within 1-3 days. We only print on top quality and sturdy 180-gram m2 non-woven wallpaper for a low-cost price. Non-woven wallpaper provides a razor-sharp photo print, is easy to apply, hardly tears, and is an environmentally friendly product. With photo wallpaper, you can create an atmosphere in a room.

Why ordering at Wallart.com?

  • Standard collection only $18,50 m2;
  • 100% guarantee;
  • Excellent service;
  • Own production (in the heart of the Netherlands);
  • Strokes based on the width of the wall;
  • Safe ordering platform and payment;

Popular photo wallpaper
Painted Blossom (Van Gogh)
Girl with a Pearl Earring Gold
Designer Collection
Children of the sea
Night Watch - Artistic Lab
Designer Collection
Watercolor flowers
Scottish Highlander in nature
Vintage flower bouquet

We have an extensive photo wallpaper collection, a production facility and we deliver exclusive PVC-free photo wallpaper.

Choose from an extensive collection of wallpaper or upload your image. A photo wall is used often in homes. We have a subdivision per room, such as living room photo wallpaper, bedroom photo wallpaper, and baby room wallpaper. Besides, we also have a branch per themes such as photo wallpaper forest and stone wallpaper. Photo wallpaper is also increasingly used in a business environment, such as in the office and restaurants.

Thanks to our printers and cutting machines, we can quickly deliver custom-made photo wallpaper (production within 24 hours and delivery 2-4 days). We also have continuous quality control. Our production guarantees the best quality at the lowest price. The ordering process is handled entirely within our company so that you will receive quick answers to all your questions. We check files free of charge to see if the quality is good enough to print. You receive a 100% guarantee on our products.

The environment is an essential aspect for us, and we only supply PVC-free and FSC-certified non-woven wallpaper (certificate for sustainable forest management). Our nonwovens include the European standard (EN 13501-1:2007) for fire safety and the new standard for VOC emissions. VOC is the collective name for substances present in our environment that evaporate quickly. In the case of non-woven wallpaper, you should apply the wallpaper adhesive to the wall.

Easy to apply yourself

We’ve made it extra easy to apply photo wallpaper to your wall yourself. This is because our wallpaper is super strong and does not tear. You will receive the wallpaper exactly the right size for your wall (including 2 inch / 5cm margin to be on the safe side). We cut the strips into exactly equal parts, so you can get started right away. Just apply glue to the wall and stick it on!

Tips? Read our step-by-step instructions so there are no surprises and you have all the tools you need.

Feel free to read customer reviews where customers share their experiences.

Wallpaper for children’s rooms
Wild jungle animals
Colourful jungle with animals
Jungle plants
Cheerful tropical animals
Designer Collection
Mountains with balloons
Jungle lagoon
Silhouette safari animals, light green
Designer Collection

Did you know?

Your photo wallpaper will only be printed on top quality and sturdy 180-gram fleece wallpaper. Fleece wallpaper is an environmentally friendly product and gives a razor-sharp photo print that hardly tears.

Read more about it in our knowledge center

Custom photo wallpaper with your own photo on wallpaper

At Wallart.com you can order photo wallpaper with your own photo online. We print this razor sharp and cut it to size. With your own photos on wallpaper, it is very important that the photo or design is of high quality. We always do a free quality check before we print the wallpaper. If the quality is not high enough, we will report back.

Feel free to read customer reviews where customers share their experiences.

Wallart.com, part of Wallgroup, a global wallpaper specialist

Are you looking for low-cost photo wallpaper in fantastic quality? You have come to the right place. We supply printed non-woven wallpaper in any desired size. Easy to order, fast delivery times, and of course, for a reasonable price. Besides our theme wallpaper and a large collection of photo wallpaper, you can also upload your photo and have it printed on custom-size wallpaper.