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Leopard Photo Wallpaper

A mighty predator with an impressive print on the skin. That's a leopard. A joy to watch. And what better way to do that than with a leopard wallpaper on the wall? This way you can enjoy this impressive animal every day for which you would otherwise have to go to faraway places. At Wallart.com we have an extensive range of leopard wallpaper. 

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Blue jungle silhouette
Leopard in a blue jungle
Drawn leopard
Leopard on a rock face
Resting Leopard
Leopard on the lookout
Leopard with setting sun
Snow leopard cub
Close, up of a leopard
Leopard in Namibia
Leopard on a branch
Leopard in snow
Leopard with sunset
Leopard with pink flowers
Snow leopard
Hunting leopard
Leopard black, white
Leopard portrait
Watercolour leopards
Sleeping leopard
Leopard on tree
Leopard in suit
Small leopards
Painted leopard
Leopard pattern on a black background
Sneaking mountain lion
Cheetah between the tropical leaves
Puma close-up
Leopard on black background
Jungle Leopard
Dark Leopard
Curious Kitties
In the morning glow

35 Items

per page

Leopard wallpaper in all shapes and sizes

We have leopard wallpaper in all shapes and sizes. From a black and white wall mural with a leopard looking straight into the camera, to an action photo of a leopard on a branch in the jungle. But we also have wall murals of little leopards, which look fantastic in the nursery. A leopard wallpaper with a sleeping animal at the sunrise, which looks beautiful in the bedroom. And a phenomenal picture of a leopard in Namibia, which is an asset in the living room, study or hallway. Also nice: leopard wallpaper in cheerful patterns. With palm leaves in front of a white background. Or the illustration of a leopard with pink flowers. This will immediately brighten things up.

From photo wallpaper with an adult leopard to a print of a leopard cub and cheerful prints and patterns with the animal. Feel free to take a look at the collection and choose one that you like. One thing is certain: this will make a statement in your home!

Leopard wallpaper styling at home

With leopard wallpaper you can really go in all directions. You can place it in a modern interior, combine it with a botanical style, or with a romantic home decor. It is suitable for bedrooms, corridors, toilets, offices and living rooms. With a photo wallpaper of leopards you no longer need a painting for the atmosphere. You can still pay attention to the right styling. For example, by combining a busy print with light and more neutral furniture. Or by bringing back elements from the leopard wallpaper. Place cushions in leopard print on the sofa, use the beige tones in decoration as decorative candles and lampshades. Or paint an entire wall in one color from the wallpaper. This way you create a whole and ensure that the leopard wallpaper really stands out.

Discover more animal wallpaper

Do you like animal wallpaper, but don't see what you are looking for? Then take a look at the rest of our website. We have animal wallpaper in all shapes and sizes. Imagine yourself in the jungle with jungle wallpaper and experience the greatest adventures in your own home. Walk past a waterfall every day, admire the monkeys in the trees and marvel at the most beautiful palm leaves you have ever seen. You can also choose a nature wallpaper with images of the forest, the sea or the mountains. This will make you feel wonderfully relaxed. Or create really cool effects with the 3d wallpaper from our collection. It will seem as if an elephant walks into your living room, a fantasy lion appears on the wall, or a giraffe with a candlestick stands in your living room.