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Industrial wallpaper

An industrial interior is characterized by a rough, sober and chilly appearance. Used materials are unprocessed or damaged by time. You can think of rust, bricks, weathered wood, metal and objects from the industry. Photo wallpaper with an industrial look contributes greatly to a sleek and tough interior. Choose from the photos below or supply your own photo

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Old machine
Antique hallway
Boiler room
Facade of an old factory
Rusty bridge
Abandoned old factory
Ruined old country house
Abandoned house in Taiwan
Abandoned house with leaves
Corridor in abandoned house
Old abandoned coal laundry
Stairwell in abandoned building
Abandoned hotel lobby
Old abandoned garage
Abandoned old factory
3D industry
Industrial hall with plants
Old mechanism
Abandoned industrial hall
Spaceship corridor
Futuristic view
Pink building
Vintage aircraft cockpit detail
Rusty trams
Tank and speedometer
Graffiti on steel doors
Blue doors
Abandoned court
3D Factory hall
Concrete warehouse
3D Castle Corridor
3D Garage
Curved tunnel
Dark hall
Empty space with open roof
Blue space
Steps in the old town of Korčula
Deserted space
Abandoned wooden cage lift
Lamps on a black background
Destroyed factory
Expired stairs
Ochre yellow concrete
Modern hall
Metal railway bridge
Abandoned factory
Rusty metal
Old factory window
Old factory building
Old abandoned factory hall
Abandoned industrial hall
An abandoned hall
Old zinc wall
Industrial abandoned hall
Modern hall with rounding
The Carpenters workshop
Designer Collection
[In heaven]
Designer Collection
Abandoned House
Designer Collection
Time is Running
Designer Collection
Fullcolor Tower
Designer Collection
Rusted metal plate
Rust on metal sheet
Rusty metal plate
Part of a drive line of a steam engine (B)
Designer Collection
Monumental railroad bridge De Hef in Rotterdam
Designer Collection
Harbour crane on the former RDM site Heijplaat Rotterdam
Designer Collection
Detail of a rusted steam boiler
Designer Collection
Detail of a rusted steam boiler (B)
Designer Collection
Stairwell in abandoned school
Deserted stairwell
Stairs in abandoned building
Designer Collection
Designer Collection
Designer Collection
Lips are sealed
Designer Collection
Designer Collection
Designer Collection
Designer Collection
Designer Collection
Designer Collection
Designer Collection
Green door
Designer Collection
Industrial building
Designer Collection
Former German airport
Designer Collection
Dance hall
Designer Collection
Filmdecor factory
Designer Collection
Tube construction
Old green coloured tubes
Rusty old factory
Old industrial furnace
Old industrial factory in black and white
Old industrial factory
Abandoned steel factory
Pipes at old factory
Rails at old a factory
Abandoned industry
Green door in old wall
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Items 1-100 of 130

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Tough, rough and tight. That is what an industrial interior stands for. You can recognise this style of living by the raw materials, such as weathered scaffolding wood, coarse metal or pure bricks. In addition to the furniture, floors and beams, these elements can also be found in industrial photo wallpaper. In this way, you strengthen the basis that is already there and complete your industrial interior. Take a look at our range of industrial wallpaper and choose the one you like.

If you want us to look for a picture for your specific wish, please let us know. Industrial wallpaper is easy to order online.

Industrial photo wallpaper in all shapes and sizes

From an old factory building to a characteristic city wall and a railway bridge made of metal. We have photo wallpaper in all shapes and sizes. Think of photos of a dilapidated staircase, an abandoned station or a former aircraft hangar. But also beautiful close-ups of a golden structure, old factory windows, or an engine block. We do not only have coloured prints, but also black and white industrial photo wallpaper. Whichever variant you choose, with this industrial photo wallpaper you really take your interior to the next level.

Wallpaper industrial look for every room

We know the industrial look mainly from studios with an urban feel in for example Brooklyn New York, or the heart of Amsterdam. But you can apply this everywhere with the help of industrial wallpaper. Whether you live in the countryside, or in a big city. Wallpaper the living room with an industrial image, wallpaper the bedroom with an industrial look, or give your hall a tougher look. It's all possible. This type of wall covering is suitable for all rooms and walls. Not in the least because we customise photo wallpaper - including industrial ones.

Tailor-made industrial wallpaper

Once you have made a choice for a beautiful industrial wallpaper, you can easily order it online. Once we have received your order, we will immediately get to work on your wallpaper. We print your industrial wallpaper on our large format printers. An image is printed in one piece, so that patterns run into each other perfectly.

We only use PVC-free non-woven wallpaper as wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper does not shrink, gives a razor-sharp print and is easy to apply. The inks used are water-based and odourless. Production takes place on working days within 24 hours and delivery is within 1-3 days.

Attention! We print an extra 5 cm all around because walls are not always straight. The photo wallpaper is therefore printed 10 cm wider and higher. After wallpapering you have to cut it away. Uncheck this option to have the wallpaper printed exactly to size.

Wallpaper accessories

Don't forget to order the right tools. Then you can immediately start applying the wallpaper when you receive your order.


If you are satisfied with your result, we would be pleased to hear from you. Will you send us a picture of the result? Or share it with us on social media.