• In-house production and made to measure
  • Eco-friendly and odorless
  • Express Worldwide shipping

Production of photo wallpaper in-house

Photo wallpaper made with passion in the Netherlands.

At Wallart.com, we do everything we can to deliver your order to your home as quickly as possible. For this we use different transport and delivery options. You will normally receive your order within 3-5 working days.

Our flexibility ensures satisfied customers.

With our experience we know by now what is possible with photo wallpaper. Every day we are challenged to transform the most beautiful designs into photo wallpaper. This is why we also do the production of our wallpaper completely in house. This way we are flexible and can switch quickly.

Large format printing

Our printers are huge! You have to, because you can print the wallpaper with a height of up to 3 meters and a length of more than 100 meters. Really gigantic prints!

The printers are equipped with the latest software and technology which enables us to print as efficiently as possible. In this way we avoid a lot of residual waste, which is kind to the environment.

High quality images

Our photo wallpaper collection contains over 5.000 designs and photos. All at the highest possible quality. Our minimum requirements for a beautiful photo wallpaper are therefore quite high. For example, we state that a photo must have a pixel density of 1 pixel per mm of wallpaper. Put simply, this means that if you have a wall of 3m x 2.5m, the image must be at least 3000×2500 pixels.

We work with scalable images. This means that the images are available in poster size (e.g. posters of 50x70cm) to large format photo wallpaper. You can determine your own dimensions!

Produced within 24 hours

After your order has been received by us, the printers will start running. But first we do a few quality checks. This way you can be sure that the wallpaper is printed perfectly.

When you have an assignment with the highest priority we will do everything we can to get it for you. At no extra cost. We print on a priority basis, with a maximum duration of 2 working days. Most orders are shipped within one working day. Adjustments in the print can be made until printing has started. For changes and adjustments in the print, please contact us directly by phone, this works the quickest.

Top quality and yet a low price

Due to an optimized production process we can offer our photo wallpaper at a very low price and you benefit from that. With our in-house production we have constant control over the production process and the quality of the products. We are not dependent on third parties for the production of photo wallpaper. This ensures the shortest possible line between design and delivery. We are therefore able to deliver fantastic quality wallpaper at the lowest price.