Wall mural with a buffalo

Make a statement at home with a buffalo wall mural. These imposing animals are more than photogenic and buffalo wallpaper is a true piece of wall art. At Wallart.com you will find an extensive collection of buffalo wallpaper. From close-ups to landscape shots with buffalo. And from black and white prints to plates in the most beautiful colors. Discover the many possibilities with photo wallpaper of buffalo and choose a copy that fits well with you and the rest of your home. So you can enjoy one of the most special creatures in nature every day.

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Buffalo in the fog
Buffalo in Thailand
Water buffalo
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Wallpaper of buffalo in all shapes and sizes

We have buffalo wallpaper in all shapes and sizes. As a result, there is always something that suits your wishes and interior. For example, how about a black and white wall mural of American buffalo at a waterhole? Or a close-up of a buffalo looking up? Also nice: a buffalo between the high grass that is grazing. Are you looking for buffalo wallpaper to add some color to your home? Then take a look at the color collection. For example, we have a beautiful wall mural of buffalo in the fog in the rising sun. But also water buffalo in a meadow with shades of green. And a close-up of a buffalo in a meadow full of tall grasses.

Buffalo wallpaper in your interior

Buffalo wallpaper is a real eye-catcher. You can cover an entire wall with it, or break the length of a wall nicely. Buffalo wallpaper comes into its own when you style it the right way. Both the photo wallpaper of buffalo in black and white and in color can be combined well with natural and light materials. Such as wooden furniture and a cowhide on the floor. Do you like more color? Then choose one or two accent colors. A good idea is to get a tone from the print with a buffalo wallpaper in color that will make you come back. For the Thai buffalo at sunset, for example, this is the orange color of the setting sun. For example, paint a wall in this color, place cushions on the sofa in that color and find a plant pot in the same shade.

Discover more animal wallpaper

Do you like animal wallpaper, but don't see what you are looking for? Then take a look at the rest of our website. We have animal wallpaper in all shapes and sizes. Imagine yourself in the jungle with jungle wallpaper and experience the greatest adventures in your own home. Walk past a waterfall every day, admire the monkeys in the trees and marvel at the most beautiful palm leaves you have ever seen. You can also choose a nature wallpaper with images of the forest, the sea or the mountains. This will make you feel wonderfully relaxed. Or create really cool effects with the 3d wallpaper from our collection. It will seem as if an elephant walks into your living room, a fantasy lion appears on the wall, or a giraffe with a candlestick stands in your living room.